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South Main Building Co.

Working closely with South Main, Mountain Aspect is working to complete landscape and irrigation plans for the proposed South Main Phase 3 Expansion in Buena Vista.  The project is focusing on minimizing irrigation water use wherever possible while maintaining the owner's vision of the neighborhood.  Streetscapes, parkways and neighborhood parks are all features of the project.

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Mountain Aspect is excited to be again working with Crabtree Group Civil Engineering to provide site, landscape and irrigation drawings for the Salida RV Resort.  The project is taking a unique approach to RV resort planning, and promises to deliver a new riverfront trail section to the City of Salida and many amenities to residents and visitors.


Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center

We have worked closely with HRRMC since 2015 to provide site design, landscape and irrigation design and planning services for their Salida and Buena Vista campuses as the hospital has renovated and expanded in the Upper Arkansas Valley.


Monarch Mountain

Mountain Aspect has been thrilled to work with Monarch Mountain for a variety of site planning and design projects, including on-mountain amenities and around the base area.

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Chaffee County Community Foundation

Working with Robert Grether, AIA and Crabtree Group, Mountain Aspect is honored to be a part of the innovative Jane's Place affordable housing community project in downtown Salida.

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Chaffee County

Collaborating with Sarah Whittington, Architect, Crabtree Group and Hachmann Engineering, we are providing Landscape Architectural Services for the proposed addition to the Chaffee County Administration Building in downtown Salida.


Gunnison Rising

Mountain Aspect is providing Landscape Architectural Services as well as consulting assistance for the Gunnison Rising team.  Gunnison Rising is a proposed live/work development adjacent to Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado.

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